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Handy Hints

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Handy Hints

We’ve put together some handy hints and tips for fitting wall and floor tiles. Tiling can be tricky, we recommend only doing it yourself if you are a confident DIYer or are willing to take on a challenge.

Plan Ahead

Always plan ahead. Time spent on preparation makes the tile fixing easier, quicker and ensures a better result.

Setting Out

Plan your tile layout first to avoid uneven spacing and misaligned tiles, use a guide on both your walls and floor to make sure all tiles are aligned and spaced evenly with each other Allow a grout joint of at least 3 mm, you can use Tile Spacers to ensure accurate spacing
Remember to take into consideration any placement of feature tiles, widows, doors and unmovable items.


When cutting your tiles always be sure to wear safety glasses and gloves.
Correctly marking out the tiles that need to be cut will avoid unnecessary mistakes, using a tile cutter you can then cut the tiles to the correct size. We recommend trying to avoid small cuts, these can be difficult to fix and don’t look professional.

Preparing Your Surface

Your surface (walls or floor) must be clean, dry and even before you apply the adhesive, you can use a floor self-levelling compound if your floors are uneven. Allow the correct amount of time for any compound to be completely dry before moving on.


There are a number of adhesives available for fixing tiles to walls and floors. The type of adhesive you use will depend on where the tiles are being laid. Different adhesives are needed for areas around water eg. bath tiles and areas that are likely to have some vibration/ movement in the surface the tiles are attached to. For more information take a look at the range of adhesives we have available.

Once you’re ready to start tiling your walls or floors apply the adhesive to a portion of the wall using an adhesive trowel, make sure to follow the instructions on the adhesive packaging about how to make up the adhesive and how much is required. #


You can purchase tile grout in a number of formats, follow the instructions on the pack of the grout to make the correct consistency.
Using a Trowel apply the grout to the tiles; spread the grout using a grout spreader so that is evenly and thoroughly worked through the tile joints.
Make sure to clean the tiles so that no excess grout dries on the tiles, be careful not to disturb the ground in the spaces between the tiles.

Additional Tips

  • Underfloor Heating - If fitting underfloor heating please use a qualified electrician for the electrical connections.
  • Spare tiles - Always keep spare tiles in case of accidents or changes to your room.
  • Natural stone - Natural stone requires sealing and maintenance, we stock all the products you will need to give the desired result
  • Disposal of materials - Don’t empty adhesive/grout residue into drains. Always dispose of waste/packaging sensibly.
  • Tiling onto plaster/concrete - For recently plastered surfaces allow approx 4 weeks drying out time. For concrete allow approx 1 week per inch of depth. (Depends on atmospheric conditions)

Got a Question?

If in doubt about your purchase please telephone us and we will endeavour to help. Dedicated technical advice lines are listed below and in most instances will be able to answer your query.

Safety First

• Wear safety goggles when cutting/drilling tiles
• Beware of any hidden pipes and cables
• Keep work tools away from children
• Take care when lifting, some tile boxes maybe heavy
• Be careful cut tile edges can be sharp

Technical advice lines

DEVI    01359 242400

PCI   0191 428 2266

WEBER    01525 722137

LITHOFIN    01926 732126

SOVEREIGN    0845 603 0722

Remember, if in doubt, ask!!