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Tile Trivia

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Tile Trivia


As many as 34,000 glass coated ceramic tiles are used for the exterior of a Space Shuttle. These tiles protect the vessel from temperature extremes of minus 250of to almost 3000of during re-entry. Each tile is numbered and installed by hand.

Gaudi’s ceramic tiled bench is situated in the ‘Park Guell’, Barcelona. It is said to be the longest in the world.


The first house Gaudi built is the ‘Casa Vicens’ (1878-1880). This house was recently restored, tiles that were replaced were made by hand using techniques that are more than 100 years old. One of the tile factories we import from ‘Tau Ceramica’ made and supplied these tiles.

The word ‘Ceramic’ originates from the Greek word ‘Keramos’ meaning ‘Pottery’, ‘Potters Clay’ or ‘A Potter’. This Greek word is related to an old Sanskrit root meaning ‘to burn’ but was primarily used to mean ‘Burnt Stuff’.

Winchester Cathedral has the largest area of medieval tiles in the U.K, dating back to the 13th Century when tile making first became an industry in Britain.


The World production of Ceramic tiles is around 6400 million square metres, that’s over 75,000 football pitches. You could tile the entire floor area of Buckingham palace 83,000 times or the Empire State Building 32,000 times!!!