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Why Choose Tiles

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Why Choose Tiles

For centuries, people have desired to create living spaces that are beautiful, functional and durable. Therefore it is no surprise that ceramic tiles have been made by man for 4000 years. In the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Greece and Rome tiles were found in public buildings, temples and houses of important citizens. The fact that when these sites are excavated the tiles are almost always still intact is a testament to the durability of the ceramic tile.

Now in the 21st century customers can choose from a wealth of designs, colours and formats, while knowing they are choosing a product that will stand the test of time.

Other reasons for choosing tiles:

  • Tiles are hygienic, having the ability to prevent humidity therefore preventing the colonisation of germs.
  • Tiles are odour free, unlike fabrics or carpets they don’t absorb odours.
  • Tiles are ideal for those suffering with asthma or allergies, as they don’t harbour dust mites or pollen. Tiles are resistant to any kind of contamination.
  • Tiles do not fade.
  • Tiles can withstand water damage.