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Underfloor Heating

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Underfloor Heating

A tiled floor looks good, is hard wearing, hygenic and is very practical. It's the natural choice and an elegant solution for bathrooms, en-suites, kitchens and conservatories. In fact wherever floor tiles are desirable. With a devi system under your floor, your tiles become warm, comfortable and pleasant to walk on.

The system offers more than that; it is energy efficient, with running costs much lower than you may think. The mat design also ensures a quick and simple installation, using the self-adhesive tape to fix the mat to the floor then covering with your new tiles.

There is always room for deviheat®.........

deviheat® consists of the original devimat® prefabricated heating mat devimat®: the 2.5mm thin, self adhesive, mat design not only enables fast installation, but with the heating cables already spaced an even heat is given across the whole floor, with no warm-cold ripples. As the mat is so thin, it can be installed within the thickness of the adhesive, adding no appreciable height to the floor. The mats are all 500mm wide and are available in various lengths.

There are two mat types, one for installation onto timber floors and one for concrete floors. There are two mat types as the amount of heat which can be installed onto a timber floor should be limited from a safety point of view.

As well as a comfortable warm floor, the heat generated from a devi system will drift upwards and contribute to the room temperature. Therefore the heating effect of any existing heating can be reduced with corresponding energy saving.

Running costs approximately 0.5 pence per hour, per m².